Sam & Rani Kisten

In 2010 a missions team from the Vineyard in Superior went to Mozambique and South Africa to do outreach and help the churches in those areas. On this first trip our team was part of a larger team with Rick Evans and his team from the Cleveland Vineyard. It was a great experience to work with Rick and his team and we'll be forever indebted to them for such a wonderful introduction to Africa. During our time in Africa we were able to minister in Mozambique which is one of the poorest countries on the continent. We participated in a Vineyard pastor's conference in Beira, Mozambique with pastors coming from long distances. As part of a team, Ken had a chance to preach and lead ministry time at that conference. We also had the opportunity to pray for nearly every person at the conference. We saw physical healings take place along with encouragement for the pastors of over 100 Vineyard churches in Mozambique.

This conference was put on by a Vineyard church in Durban, South Africa led by Sam and Rani Kisten. Sam and Rani and their team were wonderful to us and fed us authentic Indian food for every meal during our time in Mozambique. We left Mozambique and traveled to South Africa where Ken met the rest of his team from the Superior Vineyard. Together with Rick's team, this larger team did ministry in and around Durban, South Africa for the remaining two weeks. One of the most precious opportunities we had was to reach out to the poorest of the poor in one of the "shack" villages in Durban. We were also asked to preach, lead worship, and do prayer ministry in several churches in the Durban area. Our team got to lead several meetings during our time there and saw the Hoy Spirit do some cool stuff. We also got to rest up at the beach for part of a day and see an outdoor safari for part of another day.

During our time in Mozambique and South Africa we began a friendship with a number of pastors. Currently we are sending support to Sam Kisten for his work in Mozambique. Sam and Rani are the overseers over the Vineyards in Mozambique. Sam regularly hosts conferences, training and encouragement for the pastors in Mozambique. It is our hope that we will be able to return to Africa to encourage Sam and Rani and the pastors in Mozambique and South Africa.

  • Beira, Mozambique

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